nokia 5030 display ligh solition

Sapp300 Tmobile Mytouch Hard Reset

1) Press and hold the HOME button and the POWER button together.

2) Keep holding HOME and POWER together for at least 25 seconds, even if the "Startup" screen appears.

3) Release the keys when you see a black screen with a warning sign.

4) At the above warning sign screen, press the HOME and POWER buttons again simultaineously...(10 secs).. and then let them go.

5) Use the trackball to scroll to wipe data/factory reset.

6) Press the trackball in on wipe data/factory reset.

7) When the bottom of the screen displays [DATA WIPE COMPLETED].... roll the trackball to [REBOOT SYSTEM NOW].

Press the trackball in on [REBOOT SYSTEM NOW]
Await for the reboot....Full factory reset completed.


Samsung galaxy Fit 2.3.6 upgrade video

Samsung Galaxy Fit UpGrade 2.3.6

1, Odin Multi Downloader 4.38 exe installed

2,Select Ops FIle,

3,Firmware selected in One package,

4,Handset Downloade Mode Simple, For Volume Down+Home Button+Power Button

5,Usb Cable Detected

6, click Start Button