MTK 6577 Ic Imei Change 1000% Done

I had an unknown IMEI

got this app called Mobileuncle Tools, but if you can type whatever command to get you to Engineer mode I think that would work too.

Went to Engineer Mode (*#*#3646633#*#*)

then Engineer Mode (MTK) (OR) Mobile Uncle Tool Install In Play Store

Then slide from right to left on the screen to switch from Telephony to Connectivity

Go to CDS Information

then Radio Information

then Phone 1

You'll see the AT + and SEND AT COMMAND

tap next to the AT+ and type E and pick the first command AT+EGR=1,7""

then move your cursor in between the quotations and type the IMEI off the back under sticker, it should look like this 


when finished hit SEND AT COMMAND and then reboot

Issue resolved

I did this on a Samsung/HDC GT-i9500 with Mediatek 6577 , 6575 garbage, no computer, no paid programs.


Celkon A85 Google Account & Pattern Lock Done

1. Phone Must be On

2. Android Multi Tool V1.02 Open

3. Usb Cable Insert In Pc 

4. Andrid Multi Tool 4 Button Press In Pc & Enter Button

5. Thats All


How To Flash Samsung B7510

 Firmware Update Process:                                                                                                                     
  1. Run Samsung B7510 Galaxy Pro Downloader.
  2. Make sure these options is checked: Auto Reboot - Protect OPS.
  3. Click OPS button and select: BENNETT_v1.0.ops
  4. Click BOOT button and select: APBOOT_B7510xxxxx_CL968357_REV00_user_low_true.tar.md5
  5. Click Phone button and select: MODEM_B7510xxxxx_REV00.tar.md5
  6. Click PDA button and select: CODE_B7510xxxxx_CL968357_REV00_user_low_true.tar.md5
  7. Click CSC button and Select: CSC_B7510Oxxxxx_CL951730_REV00_user_low_true.tar.md5
  8. Put the phone into Download Mode ( Press Q key + Power button ).
  9. Connect USB cable to phone and PC and make sure the program detect it.
  10. Click Start button to begin updating the phone.
  11. Do nothing till all is done and you can see PASS word on the program window.
  12. Do Full reset by this Code *2767*3855#.


Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 - BENNETT_v1.0.ops link

Samsung I8150 Galaxy W Enter Pin Code Solution 100% Done

It's very simple way tasted by me

1 switch off the mobile than press volume up +home + power key until when see the samsung logo then release power key but hold home key 
and volume up key until see the android logo.

2 than press option key and press home key.

3 after press home key there will show recovery menu and select 
wipe factory data reset via using volume down key.....than press home key

4 after press home key than phone will ask phone lock code .....
no problem

you just inter incorrect code on 10 to 15 times you will see a massage

please inter correct code other wise your sdcard will format you again
inter incorrect code than your phone will format and clear lock code 



Samsung I8730 Unlock In Z3x

1. First you need to POWER OFF the phone.

2. Conect the micro uart cable to phone.

3. Power it on, then type *#0808# and choose the last option DM+MODEM+ADB.

4. Now conect it to usb, install draviers and unlock.

5. Samsung tool V15.3

6. Then Unlock Button Click

7. Thats All

Samsung I8730 Hard Reset

1. Handset Switch Off

2. Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button Hold In 5 Seconds

3. Display In Recovery Menu

4. Volume down In Wipe/ Data/Factory Reset

5. Ok Button For Power Button

6. Reboot System Now

7. Select Power Button

Karbonn A3 Hard Reset

1. Handset Switch Off

2. Volume Down Button + Power Button In Hold 10-20 Seconds

3. Fastboot Mode In Display

4. Usb Cable Insert In Pc & Mobile

5. Driver Installed

6. Android Multi Tool V1.02 Open

7. Press "8" And Enter Button 

8. Handset Reset

9. Thats All


Ampe A76 Tablet Display Logo Only

1. Live Suite Exe File Installed

2. Switch Off handset

3. Press Volume Up Button Insert Usb Cable and then press Power Button  5 Times/5sec

4. Driver automatically installed.

5. Open Live Suite Selected Image File

6. Click Start Upgrade Button

7. Successfully Install


Samsung E2550 Simlock Done In UFS

1. Cable NM-20 Pin

2. Mobile Switch Off

3. Read  Info Click

4. Next Unlock Button

5. Next Reset Mmi

6. Next Restart  Done


Lenovo A60+ Hard Reset

> Press and hold Volume up + Power on
> Automatic going to recovery mode then select (ok button use)
> select wipe data/ factory reset by ok button then touch menu
> Ok button to select yes--delete all user data then touch menu
> Reboot system now


China Samsung I9082 Hard Reset

1. Mobile Switch Off

2. Hold Volume Up + Power Button In 10 Seconds

3. Android Mode Simple In Display

4. Press Home Button

5. Recovery Mode Option In Display

6. Volume Down Press Wipe Data Factory Reset

7. Ok For Option Button

8. Then Procedure