MTK 6577 Ic Imei Change 1000% Done

I had an unknown IMEI

got this app called Mobileuncle Tools, but if you can type whatever command to get you to Engineer mode I think that would work too.

Went to Engineer Mode (*#*#3646633#*#*)

then Engineer Mode (MTK) (OR) Mobile Uncle Tool Install In Play Store

Then slide from right to left on the screen to switch from Telephony to Connectivity

Go to CDS Information

then Radio Information

then Phone 1

You'll see the AT + and SEND AT COMMAND

tap next to the AT+ and type E and pick the first command AT+EGR=1,7""

then move your cursor in between the quotations and type the IMEI off the back under sticker, it should look like this 


when finished hit SEND AT COMMAND and then reboot

Issue resolved

I did this on a Samsung/HDC GT-i9500 with Mediatek 6577 , 6575 garbage, no computer, no paid programs.

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